District Attorney Seth Williams Announces Key Staff Appointments And Major Changes Within The Office


Philadelphia‐‐‐On his first full day in Office, District Attorney Seth Williams announced key staff appointments and major changes within the Office. Williams announced the following:

Key Staff Appointments. District Attorney Williams is pleased to announce that Joe McGettigan will be his First Assistant District Attorney.  A former U.S. Attorney with years of previous experience as an Assistant District Attorney Mr. Williams believes Joe is the ideal choice for the job of helping him make the City safer. Along with Mr. McGettigan, the District Attorney is also pleased to announce the following Deputy District Attorney appointments:
•    Curtis Douglas,  Investigations Division
•    Ronald Eisenberg, Law Division
•    Brian Grady, Special Operations Division
•    Sarah Hart, Performance and Policy Division
•    Ed McCann, Trial Division
•    George Mosee, Juvenile Division
A summary of these appointments and biographical information is attached.

Chief Performance Officer. Following on another campaign promise, Seth Williams announced today the appointment of a Chief Performance Officer and the formation of a new Division to improve th Office’s performance and increase the conviction rate, with a special focus on violent crimes.   Williams is committed to ensuring that the work of the office is measured objectively and the information is used to supportsystem and internal office reforms. “We need to know whether what we are doing is working. I am committed to ensuring that we use research and best practices to ensure that we are prosecuting cases in the best way posible,” said Williams.  He appointed Sarah Hart as the Chief Performance Officer.

Charging Unit Improvements. Following on his campaign promise to beef up the Charging Unit of the District Attorney’s Office, Seth Williams today announced the appointment of long‐time prosecutor Jodi Lobel to lead that unit. He has also identified a team of experience prosecutors who are being assigned to the Charging Unit. The men and women, collectively, have decades of experience in trying major criminal cases.  Seth Williams believes that charging decisions will be greatly improved by this change and help ensure that our most violent ffenders are held accountable for their crimes.

Expediting Police Shooting Investigations. Seth Williams today announced that he has directed his key staff to review how police shootings are investigated by the Distrct Attorneys Office and provide recommendations to him about expediting the investigation process. “In order to ensure public confidence, it is critical that these investigations be conducted as quickly as possible while still ensuring a full and fair review of th facts.  The Community’s confidence and trust in law enforcement will be enhanced if we do all we can to make sure that these issues ae resolved quickly and fairly,” said Williams.


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