19 Year Old Vincent Pratt is Sentenced to Life in Prison


Philadelphia, March 3, 2010:   A jury has convicted 19 year old Vincent Pratt of First Degree murder for the gunshot killing of 15 year old Anthony Williams.  Williams was shot in 2006 after an argument near 19th and Dickinson.  The teen was standing in the doorway of his home with his grandmother when shots were fired at him.  His grandmother tried to pull him into the house, but he was hit in the back of the neck and died in her arms.  Both the Philadelphia Police department and the District Attorney’s Office worked extremely hard on this case, and after a thorough investigation Vincent Pratt was arrested in 2008. 

“ADA Brian Zarallo did an amazing job prosecuting this case,” said District Attorney Seth Williams. “This was a long and difficult case from the time of Pratt’s arrest in 2008 to his conviction yesterday.  Thanks to the efforts of Philadelphia Police homicide detectives and Brian’s persistence, Vincent Pratt will now be behind bars for the rest of his life for the senseless killing of an innocent 15 year old.”


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