Two Guilty Verdicts in the Murder Trial of a Vietnam Vet


Philadelphia, March 5, 2010:  22 year old Shawn Williams and 19 year old Johnny Brown are now facing life in prison after a jury convicted them of second degree murder, conspiracy and robbery for the death of 60 year old Anthony D’Antonio.  The victim, a Vietnam vet and popular business owner, was shot twice in the head in his store near 58th and Lindbergh streets on December 11th, 2007 during robbery attempt.  The facts of this case as presented by ADA Carlos Vega’s impassioned prosecution brought tears to many during the trial.

“Carlos Vega is a senior member of our homicide unit and one of the reason I’m proud to be a part of this distinguished D.A.’s Office,” says District Attorney Seth Williams.  “Thanks to his hard work the family Anthony D’Antonio has gotten the justice they deserve.” 

Sentencing for Shawn Williams and Johnny Brown is scheduled for May 24, 2010 in courtroom 607 at the CJC; they are facing a mandatory life in prison.


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