Moises Rosado is convicted of Attempted Murder


Philadelphia, March 12, 2010:  A jury has convicted 31 year old Moises Rosado of Attempted Murder, Aggravated Assault and other related charges.  Rosado shot Luis Martinez at point blank three times on July 28, 2007 on the 3300 block of Mutter Street.  Martinez is the boyfriend of the defendant’s sister, and miraculously he was able to survive the shooting.   After the shooting Rosado fled to Massachusetts but was arrested and extradited back to Pennsylvania in 2008.  At the trial Rosado’s sister, Maria Rosado, testified against her brother.

 “ADA Shea Rhodes did a terrific job with this case,” said District Attorney Seth Williams. “She was able to get the defendant’s own sister to testify against him, and in the end send Rosado where he belongs, behind bars.”

Mosies Rosado is scheduled to be sentenced on April 23, 2010 in courtroom 1101.


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