James Natal is Now Facing Up to 206 Years in Prison


Philadelphia, April 6, 2010– A jury convicted 24 year old James Natal of assault, theft, arson and other related offenses for a crime spree in 2007.  Natal along with a juvenile co-defendant went to a Target parking lot in Port Richmond November 26, 2007 and proceeded to break into cars.  When they broke into a seventh car, a black GMC SUV, they found car keys and a gun inside.  The pair stole the car and used the gun to commit 3 gun point robberies.  When they were finished with the robberies they burned the GMC SUV.  They then carjacked another car and robbed the owner of his vehicle and belongings.  A few days later the juvenile co-defendant was brought in for questioning by police while driving in a car with his older brother.  The older brother, Lucas Cordero, confronted Natal while his younger brother was in custody.  While talking to Natal about the crime spree, Natal pulled out a gun and shot up Cordero’s car and threatened to shot Cordero.  The younger boy plead guilty to his involvement in October of 2008 and is scheduled to be sentenced on April 23, 2010.

 “This was a long and complex case that took two weeks to try and involved 30 witnesses,” says District Attorney Seth Williams.  “ADA Miriam Enriquez did an excellent job with this case and thanks to her prosecution a serial offender who obviously had no regard for public safety or the law will be behind bars for a very, very long time.  I can honestly say the streets of Philadelphia are safer without James Natal on them and ADA Enriquez should be commended for that.”

 James Natal is scheduled to be sentenced on June 7, 2010 in courtroom 701 at the CJC. Natal is facing 103 to 206 years in prison.


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