The District Attorney’s Office is Awarded Nearly Half a Million Dollars from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania


Philadelphia, April 6, 2010–  The Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency announced on Monday that the District Attorney’s Office has received a grant of almost 500,000 dollars.  The money will be used by the newly created Performance and Policy Division in the office.  District Attorney Seth Williams campaigned vigorously about the importance of keeping track of the work being done in the office before his historic election in November.  Following up on those campaign promises to use government resources more efficiently, Mr. Williams will use the money to measure prosecutors’ performance in the courtroom.  Through monitoring and understanding the Office’s performance, the District Attorney will be able to determine which of his strategies is successfully increasing convictions and reducing crime.  He will also be able to weed out the practices that are not working.  By keeping track of the big picture, the District Attorney can make better policy decisions that will increase justice for victims and in the end help put the worst criminal offenders behind bars.

“With the new Performance and Policy Division we will be to show the public with clear numbers and data how we are keeping the streets of Philadelphia safe,” says District Attorney Seth Williams.  “Not just using a broad opaque brush to convey what is going on in the office.”


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