A Guilty Plea in Blinding Case


Philadelphia, April 8, 2010:  19 year old Khalif Lewis pleaded guilty to Aggravated Assault and related offenses for an attack in 2009 that lead to a man losing an eye.  Khalif Lewis was working at the McDonalds at 52nd and Chestnut on February 15, 2009 when Brandon Henderson and his wife came in to get dinner.  The Hendersons tried to order a couple of value meals, but were told the restaurant was out of fries which angered Mrs. Henderson.  She then proceeded to get into a verbal altercation about the fries with a McDonalds employee, but Brandon Henderson was able to end the fight by taking his wife outside.  He then returned inside to get his money back, and on his way out he was confronted by the defendant, Khalif Lewis.  Lewis was waiting with keys in his hand and hit Mr. Henderson in the left eye with a closed fist with one key sticking out.  The victim immediately lost vision in that eye, underwent surgery but ultimately lost his eye. 

“This is one of those cases that truly makes you scratch your head and ask why,” says District Attorney Seth Williams.  “Mr. Henderson lost his eye because of a fight over French fries.  The defendant acted viciously without provocation and now thanks to ADA Carrie Sarhangi he will be thinking about those actions behind bars, where he belongs.”


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