Jovan White is sentenced to Life in Prison


Philadelphia, April 9, 2010:  23 year old Jovan White was convicted of First Degree Murder on Thursday for the deadly shooting of 35 year old Gary Kelly.  The victim was shot in the neck and back on March 15, 2009 outside the 27th St. Café bar.  The day of the murder White approached Mr. Kelly and accused him of participating in a stabbing that had taken place at the bar two days earlier.  Gary Kelly stated that he didn’t have anything to do with the stabbing, which several eyewitnesses confirmed, and he turned around to walk away.  When Mr. Kelly turned the defendant responded by pulling out a .45 caliber handgun and shooting the victim five times.

“This was truly a cowardly act by the defendant,” says District Attorney Seth Williams.  “To shoot a man in the back for no reason is utterly inconceivable.  ADA James Berardinelli has helped to bring justice to the victim’s two teenage sons.  While their father can’t be there to watch them grow up, hopefully the knowledge that the man who took his life will be behind bars for life will give them some peace.”


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