Joseph Genovese Gets 7 to 14 Years in Prison


Philadelphia, April 13, 2010:  20 year old Joseph Genovese was sentenced to 7 to 14 years in prison today on Aggravated Assault by Vehicle and Homicide by Vehicle charges.  Genovese pleaded guilty in February to causing the death of Cindy Grassi and seriously injuring Sandra Wacker in July 2008.  Genovese ran into the two women with his car outside of Citizen’s Bank Park when they were leaving a Phillies-Cardinals game.

 Members of Cindy Grassi’s family flew in for the sentencing today, and a letter written by Sandra Wacker was read in court.   “The family of Cindy Grassi and Sandra Wacker are all satisfied with this verdict and thankful that they have closure after 2 years of waiting for this day,” says ADA Beth McCaffery.

 “This was a horrible crime with no winners,” says District Attorney Seth Williams.  “ADA McCaffery, though, has helped give the victims in this case some justice.  And a 20 year old man will now serve years behind bars thinking about the lives he destroyed with his careless actions.”


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