District Attorney Seth Williams’ Remarks at the Hero Plague Dedication for Fallen Philadelphia Police Officer Sgt. Stephen Liczbinski


Good Morning – John McNesby, the Executive Board of Lodge #5 of the F.O.P., Jimmy Binns, Police Commissioner Ramsey, Mayor Nutter, all elected officials, members of law enforcement and all members of the Liczbinski family.

We are here to honor Sergeant Stephen Liczbinski, a true hero. He was not a hero only because of the way he died…he was a hero because of the way he lived. So, let me begin by asking all civilians, non-police officers to join me and the men and women of the Philadelphia District Attorneys office as we give a loud Philadelphia round of applause for the men and women of the Philadelphia Police Department.

I want you to know that you are heroes every day, that you are heroes in how you lead your lives…when you stand at attention during roll call…Heroes…when you help a lost child screaming and roaming the street find her mother…Heroes…when you go to a home to stop a husband from beating his wife and bring peace…Heroes…and when you respond to flash information men with semi-automatic rifles robbing a bank…you are heroes…Heroes like Sergeant Stephen Liczbinski

Michelle, Amber, Steve, and Matt, I know you are still in pain, and I know our words today won’t make your family feel whole again – But know that we care..know that we are here for you…know that I have assigned my best trial attorney, Jude Conroy to prosecute the criminal that took your father away from us.

Michelle, I have made it my business to meet Hero Survivors like you, and every time I have been in your presence, I have felt and seen in your eyes the raw emotion that you still endure.

I have only been the District Attorney since January; I am not as experienced and polished with these events as others. I hope to learn from John McNesby, Police Commissioner Ramsey and Mayor Nutter..they handle these ceremonies with dignity, respect and class.

Michelle, I am like you. I get choked up and I want to cry. Amber, Steve and Matt..I am like you, I think back to when I lost my best friend my father…and I get sad, I feel discouraged and lonely…

In those dark moments in those challenging times, I have found that a song I learned in Catholic School has helped ease my sorrow and has given me strength.



May God bless the soul of Sergeant Stephen Liczbinski, may God bless his family and may God bless the Heroes of the Philadelphia Police Department.





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