Marquise Salley is Sentenced to Life in Prison


Philadelphia–  19 year old Marquise Salley was convicted of Murder and other related offenses on Wednesday for the death of 24 year old Lamar Jones.  Jones was shot to death on July 26, 2009 on the corner of 59th and Belmar Streets.  The victim was placing a stuffed animal at a memorial for a murdered friend when he started implicating Salley in the murder.  Salley happened to be walking by the memorial and heard Lamar Jones talking about him.  The defendant pulled out a semiautomatic handgun and shot Mr. Jones 10 times hitting him in the stomach, arm, legs, chest, face and back.  Another young woman, Victoria Campbell, was at the memorial and video taped the shooting with her cellphone.  She was also shot by the defendant.  Marquise Salley was sentenced to life in prison for the death of Lamar Jones; he will be sentenced on September 9, 2010 for the Attempted Murder of Victoria Campbell.  ADA Eileen Hurley successfully prosecuted this case.


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