Recent Sentences and Verdicts


July 12, 2010–  Commonwealth v. Jamar Stamps:  Jamar Stamps was sentenced to 40 to 81 years in prison for a 2009 drive-by shooting.  Stamps along with his co-defendant Michael King were both convicted of the shooting in May 2010.  Stamps was convicted of Attempted Murder and other related charges.  Michael King was convicted of Aggravated Assault and other related charges.  King will be sentenced on Tuesday, July 13, 2010 in courtroom 801 at the CJC.  ADA Lorraine Donnelly successfully prosecuted this case.

July 9, 2010–  Commonwealth v. Willie Lee Baker:  61 year old Willie Lee Baker was sentenced to 20 to 40 years in prison today for Burglary and Robbery charges.  Baker, a registered sex offender, was recently released from prison when he broke into a neighbor’s home.  The neighbor’s 13 year old daughter was home at the time, and was able to get away from Baker and call police.  ADA Lorraine Donnelly successfully prosecuted this case.


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