District Attorney Seth Williams Continues His Walks of


Philadelphia, July 16, 2010:  The late night walks of business corridors and drug corners in Philadelphia will continue this weekend by District Attorney Seth Williams.  The District Attorney is once again personally reaching out to communities across the city on weekends to try and address the issue of violence on Philadelphia streets.

“After the senseless shooting of Officer Kevin Livewell and the arsenal of weapons that were found last night,” says District Attorney Seth Williams.  “Now is the time to show all of the criminals out there that we will not stand for this anymore.”

The District Attorney will be meeting with residents tonight, Friday, July 16, from 9:30p.m. to midnight at 4800 Wayne Avenue.  He will also be marching on Saturday, July 17, from 9:30p.m. to midnight beginning at the intersection of East Washington Lane and Rugby Street.

“By walking the streets during the hours when a lot of this violence takes place, we can all send a message,” says Mr. Williams.  “We are not going to let the thugs who are causing the misery have the upper hand.  We are going to take back the streets.  Together we can make a difference in Philadelphia.”      

The District Attorney hopes that by being visible and having honest conversations with community members it will help to empower residents to take the steps that are necessary to make the City a safer place to work and live.

The D.A. promised to be “Smart on Crime” when he took office in January. This is just one step he is taking to fulfill that promise.  At his first walk in June in West Philadelphia over 100 people showed up.


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