US Airways Pilot Pleads Guilty to Invasion of Privacy Charge


Philadelphia, July 27, 2010:   55-year old Joseph Pereira pleaded guilty today to one count of invasion of privacy, a misdemeanor charge. The US Airways Pilot from Wexford, Pa was accused of using his cell phone to inappropriately photograph under the skirt of a 15-year old girl. The incident, also known as “up skirting”, took place at a terminal at the Philadelphia International Airport on June 24, 2010.

Pereira was sentenced to one year probation. Under the conditions of probation, Pereira must undergo an evaluation for sex offender treatment and a sex offender psychological exam. He is forbidden from owning pornography, and his computer will be monitored by law enforcement. Pereira was also ordered to pay $2,200 restitution to the victim.  James Carpenter, the Assistant Chief of the Family Violence Sexual Assault Unit, successfully prosecuted this case.


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