Recent Verdicts


August 17, 2010:  Commonwealth v. Leon Washington:  The Honorable Ramy Djerassi today sentenced 23 year old Leon Washington to 15 to 30 years in prison followed by 10 years probation.  Washington was convicted on June 18, 2010 of Aggravated Assault and other related offenses for shooting three people with the same gun in 2008.  The defendant was convicted of shooting Lyndon McBride on July 24, 2008 on the 6100 block of Master Street.  Six days later on July 30, 2008 Washington used the same gun to shoot Anthony Mitchell on South Ruby Street; a 10 year girl who was outside playing on the street got caught in the line of fire and also got shot.  During today’s sentencing Judge Djerassi said, “You chose to bring guns on the street.  You chose to fire up the street twice, just a few days apart; and you chose when doing that to put little children at risk.”   ADA Carol Meehan Sweeney successfully prosecuted this case.


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