Recent Verdicts and Sentences


October 21, 2010:  Commonwealth v. Omar Johnson:   41 year old Omar Johnson was sentenced to 32 to 80 years in prison today by the Honorable Judge Erdos.  Johnson was convicted of Aggravated Assault and other related charges for the gunpoint rape of two children, one 13 and the other 16, back in 2007.  ADA Gwenn Cujdik successfully prosecuted this case.

October 21, 2010:  Commonwealth v. Sean Hagan:   17 year old Sean Hagan received 80 hours of community service along with mandatory school in family court today.  The community service will be served at Saint John’s Hospice in Center City.  Hagan pleaded guilty to running onto the outfield at Citizen’s Bank Park during a Phillies game in September while wearing a red costume.  ADA Morgan Model successfully prosecuted this case.


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