Additional information in Gosnell Murder case


Philadelphia— Steven Massof was arraigned January 21, 2011, on Murder charges and other related offenses for the deaths of two viable babies born alive at the Women’s Medical Society abortion clinic in West Philadelphia. The 48-year old, of W. Marlin Drive in Pittsburgh, Pa., is a medical school graduate without a license or any certification, who worked as a doctor at the clinic.  He is also facing Conspiracy, Theft by Deception, Racketeering and other related charges.  Massof is being held without bail.

*****All of the defendant’s preliminary hearings have now been set for February 9, 2010 in courtroom 1007

Dr. Kermit Gosnell, the 69-year old medical doctor who ran the office, as well as Adrienne Moten and Lynda Williams were all arraigned yesterday and are being held without bail.

The following defendants were arraigned yesterday and had their bail set:

Tina Baldwin – $150,000

Madlline Joe – $250,000

Elizabeth Hampton – $250,000

Eileen O’Neil – $1 Million

Pearl Gosnell – $1 Million

Sherry West – $2 Million


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