University Officers Cleared of Criminal Charges


Philadelphia, January 24, 2011:  The District Attorney’s Office has cleared four University of Pennsylvania Police Officers of any criminal charges for the shooting death of Karl Sappleton.  Sappleton was killed on November 21, 2010 on the University’s campus after a car chase with Philadelphia Police.  Sappleton, along with Lesile Mosby, was accused of stealing a car at gunpoint and then crashing it on Locust Walk on Penn’s campus.  Both men reportedly ran from University police, Mosby was apprehended a short time later.  Sappleton fled while firing at the officers who returned fire, ultimately killing Sappleton.  The District Attorney’s Office concluded after a lengthy investigation that Officers Benjamin Mauro, Fred Nichols, Greg Everage and Sgt. David Adler were defending themselves when they fired back at Sappleton, and no criminal charges are warranted against them.