Guilty Plea in Witness Intimidation Case


Philadelphia, March 3, 2011:  Joseph McGrath entered a guilty plea in court today to Solicitation to Commit Murder, Witness Intimidation and Conspiracy charges.  In April of 2010 McGrath was wanted for an attempted murder charge, and in the effort to track him down Warrant Officers enlisted the help of one of McGrath’s acquaintances, a known drug user, to apprehend him.  The acquaintance arranged to buy drugs from the defendant by sending him a text message.  This allowed Warrant Officers to find out where the defendant was and he was immediately arrested.  Once in prison McGrath made a phone call ordering that the acquaintance be killed, and he gave specific instructions on how he wanted it done.  The defendant asked his drug dealing associate to put a powered form of battery acid into a portion of cocaine and then sell it to the informant.  His plan was for the battery acid to be injected into the informant’s veins causing her death. 

McGrath will be sentenced on April 29, 2011 in courtroom 605, he faces up to 60 years in prison.  ADA Andrew Notaristefano successfully prosecuted this case.


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