Accused Drug Dealer gets up to 30 Years in Prison


Philadelphia, June 10, 2011:  Terrell Parrish was sentenced to 15 to 30 years in prison today by the Honorable Sandy L.V. Byrd.  Parrish was earlier convicted by a jury of Possession with Intent to Deliver a Controlled Substance , Possessing an Instrument of Crime, and Firearms charges.

 The investigation of Terrell Parrish began in 2010 and the first instance they observed him selling narcotics happened on May 25, 2010.  Police Officer Harold Toomer, along with other members of the Narcotics Field Unit, used a confidential informant in the drug investigation into Parrish at 3500 North 23rd Street inNorthwest Philadelphia.  Police provided the informant with pre-recorded buy money and instructed the informant to purchase drugs from the defendant.  A short time later the officers watched while the informant purchased four packets of marijuana from Parrish.

 On May 26, 2010, Officer Toomer again instructed the informant to purchase drugs with pre-recorded buy money.  During this encounter with the defendant the informant left the property with crack cocaine that he purchased from Parrish

 Based on those two purchases of drugs from the defendant, On May 28, 2010 Officer Toomer executed a search warrant on the property and arrested the defendant.  Once inside the property officers recovered a .45 caliber Uzi semi-automatic assault weapon loaded with 16 rounds of live ammunition in the magazine, an additional box of live rounds for that weapon, crack cocaine, powder cocaine, marijuana, oxycodone pills, and PCP.  Also recovered from the residence were drug packaging and drug paraphernalia including packets and jars to hold drugs, and a scale to weigh the drugs.  ADA Lynne O’Brien successfully prosecuted this case.




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