Recent Verdict



July 29, 2011: Commonwealth v. Edward Wilson: 58 year old Edward Wilson was convicted of Murder and Possessing an Instrument of a Crime charges today by a jury of his peers. Wilson was found guilty of killing his 26 year old ex-girlfriend Antoinette Austin in 2009. The couple began dating when the victim was just 17 years old and broke up in 2008. Wilson shot and killed Ms. Austin on March 18, 2009 in the back with a shotgun when she refused to resume their relationship; he then placed her body on a Cobbs Creek golf course. Police found Wilson barricaded in his home a short time later, where he attempted to kill himself by shooting himself in the face. The defendant is scheduled to be sentenced on September 23, 2011 in courtroom 1107. He faces a maximum of 22 and half to 45 years in prison. ADA James Berardinelli successfully prosecuted this case



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