Officer Cleared of Criminal Charges


Philadelphia, October 7, 2011:   The District Attorney’s Office, after a lengthy investigation, has cleared Philadelphia Police Officer Larry Shields of any criminal charges for the non-fatal shooting of Joshua Taylor. 

On April 25, 2011 Officer Shields was off duty and in civilian clothing, when he was helping a relative move on the 4000 block of Worth Street.  As he was unloading a truck he observed Joshua Taylor outside of another home on the street with a gun in his hand.  Officer Shields identified himself as a police officer and approached Taylor; Taylor took off and ran inside a home on Worth Street.  Shields ran after Taylor following him inside the home.  Once inside Shields was confronted by Taylor, who had the gun in his hand and was pointing it at the officer.  Officer Shields then fired one time striking Taylor in the chest.  Taylor’s firearm, which was loaded with seventeen live rounds, was recovered from the floor of the home. 

Both the District Attorney’s Office and the Philadelphia Police Department interviewed several witnesses who corroborated these events.  Taylor lawfully owned the firearm, but was not licensed to carry a firearm on the streets of Philadelphia.  Taylor recovered from his injuries and was charged with Aggravated Assault, Attempted Murder, Simple Assault and other related charges.


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