Charges against North Philadelphia Couple


March 14, 2012, Philadelphia: The preliminary hearing scheduled today for 24 year old Tamara Rhoades, 34 year old Michael Rhoades, 22 year old Steven Mills and a 14 year old relative has been continued until May 9, 2012.  All four are facing charges for a February 21, 2012 incident in their N. 23rd Street apartment where a 20 year old woman was beaten and set on fire. 

Tamara Rhoades, Michael Rhoades and Steven Mills are all facing Attempted Murder, Criminal Conspiracy, Aggravated Assault, False Imprisonment, Arson, PIC, Unlawful Restraint, Simple Assault and REAP charges.  Via a chat line, Tamara Rhoades lured a young woman from Pittsburgh to her home.  The woman was then held in the Rhoades’ home against her will.  On February 21 all three adult defendants are accused of assaulting the victim, pouring flammable liquids on her and then lighting her on fire.  The victim was able to put out the flames but was badly injured.  The defendants then took her to a bus station and put her on a bus back to Pittsburgh. 

Tamara Rhoades is also facing Aggravated Assault, Simple Assault, PIC and REAP charges for the assault of a second young woman, and her husband Michael Rhoades is facing Aggravated Assault, Conspiracy and REAP charges.  Upon executing a search warrant on the apartment on February 22, 2012, police discovered a second victim, age 21, who had been previously beaten by the Rhoades.  Like the first victim, this young woman also came to stay with the Rhoades via a chat line.  Once inside the house she was held against her will and beaten by the couple.





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