2012 IFPA Fraud Fighter Award


Philadelphia, May 16, 2012: Assistant District Attorney Vicki Markovitz and Detective Karl Supperer of the District Attorney’s Insurance Fraud Unit were presented with the 2012 Fraud Fighter Award this week for the arrest of a Philadelphia dentist and his daughter.  The prestigious award was given out on Monday by the Insurance Fraud Authority and the International Association of Special Investigative Units for the investigation and arrest of Dr. Owen Rogal and Kim Rogal.

“ADA Markovitz and Detective Supperer did an amazing job investigating this case,” said District Attorney Seth Williams.  “It is a testament to that hard work that they’ve been recognized by their peers, both locally and internationally.”

The 71-year-old dentist and his 50- year- old daughter were charged in January with submitting fraudulent medical bills to numerous private insurance companies worth close to 5 (m) million dollars. The charges were the result of a 15 month investigation by the Philadelphia County Investigating Grand Jury and the District Attorney’s Insurance Fraud Unit. 

The case was referred to the District Attorney’s Insurance Fraud Unit by the National Insurance Crime Bureau.  The Grand Jury found that Dr. Rogal, who was a dentist, and Ms. Rogal used a legitimate business, The Pain Center at 501 South 12th street, to systematically defraud 15 insurance companies by knowingly submitting falsified billing documents for reimbursement.  The Rogals were each charged with one count of corrupt organizations, one count of criminal conspiracy, 15 counts of insurance fraud, 12 counts of theft by deception, and 10 counts of attempted theft by deception.   Of the more than 5 (m) million dollars billed to insurance companies, the Rogals were able to pocket more than 1 (m) million dollars in their personal accounts.  

 Dr. Rogal and Kim Rogal each face a maximum sentence of 317 years in prison and a fine of $613,000.  Their next court date is scheduled for October 31, 2012.





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