Guilty Verdicts Against Protestors


Commonwealth v.  Levi Rybalov, Adam Chabal, Zachery Schraufo, and Molly Gambardella:   The Honorable Frank Brady found all four defendants guilty on July 2, 2012 of Obstructing the Highway charges and sentenced them to court costs of $164 plus a fine of $150.  18 year old Levi Rybalov of Farrlawn, NJ; 26 year old Adam Chabal of Chicago, IL; 21 year old Zachery Schraufo of Madison, OH and 18 year old Molly Gambardella of New Haven, CT were part of a group of 50 to 60 protestors who marched without a permit in Center City on Sunday night.  The group made their way from Franklin Square down Race Street around City Hall along Broad towards Love Park, most of the time walking against traffic.  The group received numerous instructions from the police not march against the traffic, which they disregarded forcing police to stop vehicles and block roadways.  ADA Derek Riker successfully prosecuted this case.


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