Guilty Verdict for Mustafa Holden


January 22, 2013: A Common Pleas jury today found Mustafa Holden guilty of 6105 after a trial in absentia. Despite fleeing the courthouse as the panel of potential jurors were on their way up to the courtroom, the Commonwealth proceeded to trial in the defendant’s absence over defense counsel, David Mishak’s, objection. The case arose in connection with a search warrant aimed at the def’s sister who was allegedly involved in a robbery the day before. During the execution of the warrant police found a loaded 357 revolver gun under the defs bed on the third floor of a 5 bedroom rowhouse. The defendant was linked to the room at trial through circumstantial evidence. The defendant has prior convictions for Sexual Assault and PWID. After the jury’s verdict Judge Steven Geroff immediately sentenced the defendant to five to ten years incarceration. ADA Danielle Bunting of the Northwest Bureau successfully prosecuted this case.


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