Statement from District Attorney on “Tacony Basement” Case



“This morning the Commonwealth formally withdrew charges against Linda Weston, Gregory Thomas, Eddie Wright, and Jean McIntosh for the kidnapping and abuse of several children and adults over the course of years.  Now that the U.S. Attorney’s Office has filed federal charges, which include two Murder charges for Linda Weston, the Commonwealth need not continue with the local case.  It is our hope all of these defendants get the maximum punishment for the years of torture they inflicted on their victims, and the best place for that to happen is in Federal Court.  I would first like to thank ADA Erin O’Brien and ADA Cheryl Yankolonis who have spent countless days, nights, and weekends over the past year preparing the Commonwealth’s case against these defendants.  These two young women, along with James Carpenter the Chief of my Family Violence and Sexual Assault Unit, tirelessly investigated this case with the only goal of bringing justice to the helpless victims.  I would also like to thank ADA Melissa Francis who arrived at the Tacony crime scene shortly after the horrible discovery was made, and stayed with police and the victims for close to 48 hours helping with the investigation.  And finally I would like to thank the Philadelphia Police Department for their exemplary work on this case.  I look forward to the day when these victims get justice in Federal Court.”






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