Guilty Verdict


February 8, 2013:  A jury today convicted Luis Gonzalez of Rape of a Child, IDSI of a Child, Aggravated Indecent Assault, Intimidation of a Victim, and related charges. In 2000 through 2009, the Defendant brutally raped and sexually abused his step-daughter from ages eight through sixteen and on occasion in front of his eight-year-old biological daughter. The Defendant threatened to kill them and their entire family if they told anyone about the abuse. The Defendant would physically abuse the witnesses mother and force them to watch, instilling tremendous fear in the household for years. In 2009, the Defendant’s biological daughter told her friend about the abuse and DHS/police arrived at the house later that day. This Defendant had previously entered into an open guilty plea before the Honorable Dennis Cohen and was permitted to withdraw his plea in the middle of the Sentencing and after the victim impact statements had been given. Following the jury announcing their verdict, a juror still in the box, pointed to the victim and stated, ” you are so brave and strong.” The Defendant will be sentenced in May by the Honorable Susan Schulman. ADA Cheryl Yankolonis successfully prosecuted this case.


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