Jonathan Josey Found Not Guilty of Simple Assault


February 26, 2013:  The Honorable Patrick Dugan today found former Philadelphia Police Lt. Jonathan Josey not guilty of Simple Assault, a misdemeanor of the second degree.  Josey was charged by the District Attorney’s Office in November for a September 30, 2012 incident at 5th and Lehigh Streets.  During that incident Josey was recorded on video tape striking 39-year-old Aida Guzman in the face during the investigation of a motor vehicle that was creating a hazardous condition on the roadway. 

“I respect Judge Dugan’s decision but I disagree with it,” said District Attorney Seth Williams.  “Let’s be clear there were no winners on that day in September.  While I believe Jonathan Josey was guilty of simple assault this is not the time to dwell on that and I hope as a community we can move past this. As I said three months ago when Jonathan Josey was arrested, my job as District Attorney is to ensure that we only charge the right people with only the correct charges. Nothing more, nothing less. It doesn’t matter if you are a doctor, lawyer, Monsignor of a church, police officer or bus driver, justice demands that we apply our laws fairly.  Ultimately the final decision was in Judge Dugan’s hands and I respect his ruling.”


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