Bail Revoked for Witness Intimidation



March 5, 2013: The Honorable Charles Ehrlich revoked the bail for 35-year-old Gerald Andrews this morning after Andrews intimidated a witness in open court prior to the judge taking the bench.  Andrews was awaiting a pre-trail hearing for the 2008 straw purchase of a 45 caliber handgun when Assistant District Attorney Douglas Rhoads and a Court Officer overheard Andrews call an eyewitness a “snitch.”  This eyewitness was already terrified of the defendant based on their prior violent relationship and required numerous assurance from the DA’s Office before she even agreed to come into court.  

After hearing the threat ADA Rhoads demanded that Andrews stop threatening the witness, at which time the Court Officer asked the victim if she was indeed a witness in the case and Andrews replied again in open court that she was a “snitch.”  The victim/witness was escorted to safety and Judge Ehrlich then took the bench.  The Commonwealth brought a motion to revoke bail and after testimony from ADA Rhoads, the Court Officer and the victim/witness Judge Ehrlich immediately revoked bail saying “the message needs to get out, this isn’t the street it’s a courtroom.  Giving a statement is not a badge of dishonor.”  Judge Ehrlich concluded the proceeding by thanking the victim/witness for her courage in coming to court. 

Gerald Andrews is facing Tampering with Public Record, Unlawful Transfer of a Firearm, and Unsworn Falsification to Authorities charges for a 2008 straw purchase.  Andrews next scheduled court date is June 24, 2013 in courtroom 608 for a jury trial.  ADA Andrew Wellbrock of the Gun Violence Task Force is specially assigned to this case.




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