District Attorney Seth Williams Reacts to Mayor Nutter’s Budget


March 14, 2013: “The important job of keeping Philadelphia safe requires more than just mere words,” said District Attorney Seth Williams after today’s budget announcement.  “ It requires investments in our law enforcement, including the police and District Attorneys Office, and I am surprised that in a time when we are working together to find real ways of reducing gun violence the mayor would choose to effectively cut the budget of the DA’s office.  I know our city council prioritizes public safety and I look forward to working with them as they enact the budget for the 2014 fiscal year.”   

The Mayor’s proposed budget for the District Attorney’s Office amounts to a net decrease for law enforcement, at a time when Philadelphians continue to suffer from violent crime.  While the mayor appears to have provided a very small increase in the office budget, that amount is more than offset by new costs imposed by the city over the last year.  The net effect is to put the District Attorney’s office a half million dollars in the hole as compared to the previous fiscal year.





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