Eric Maloy Sentenced for Raping his Godson


March 15, 2013: 45-year-old Eric Maloy was sentenced to 36 to 72 years in prison today by the Honorable Donna Woelpper for the 2011 rape of Maloy’s godson.  On December 3, 2012, Maloy was convicted by a jury of his peers of orally and anally raping his godson, who was between the ages of five and six years old at the time.  Maloy had previously been arrested for numerous child rapes and a murder, yet managed to avoid conviction on all of those charges until now.  The defendant would manipulate the system by bribing witnesses and sending his victims to distant locations in the days preceding trial dates.  Three of his prior victims were able to be located – and two of them testified at the trial.  This case was successfully prosecuted by ADAs Branwen McNabb & ADA Ashley Lynam of the Family Violence & Sexual Assault Unit.




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