Insurance Fraud Arrest


March 19, 2013:  The District Attorney’s Office has charged 67-year-old Wallace King with Insurance Fraud, Theft by Deception, and Criminal Conspiracy for a 2012 fraudulent insurance claim.

In August of 2012, Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office Insurance Fraud Unit detectives arrested Corsandra Sims for allegedly filing a false vehicle theft report with both the Philadelphia Police and Nationwide Insurance. On May 13, 2012, Sims reported to the police and to Nationwide Insurance Company that her 2001 Cadillac Deville had been stolen after she parked it by a nearby train station on May 13. Officers later discovered that the Cadillac had been recycled at Clearfield Recycling in Philadelphia on May 5.

In an interview with detectives, Sims admitted that after discovering her Cadillac would need over two thousand dollars worth of repairs, she contacted a local auto shop employee who allegedly offered to help have her car stolen in exchange for two hundred and fifty dollars from the insurance settlement. Sims identified this auto shop employee as Wallace King. King allegedly told Sims that after he got rid of the car, he would return the keys to her and then she was to report the car stolen. King allegedly took the 2001 Cadillac Deville to Clearfield Recycling, claimed it was his son’s car and had it crushed. Although Nationwide never paid out on this claim, King received approximately five hundred dollars from Clearfield Recycling for parts of the car. The weigh slip from Clearfield Recycling bears the signature of Wallace King and is dated seven days prior to the theft report. 

King was arrested on March 5, 2013, and he is scheduled to appear in Philadelphia Municipal Court for a status hearing on April 9, 2013.  ADA John Doyle and Detective Gilbert Brook of the DAO’s Insurance Fraud Unit are specially assigned to this case.


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