Former City Council Employee Robin Jones Sentenced for DUI


April 18, 2013: 50-year-old Robin Jones was sentenced to 72-144 hours incarceration with credit for time served for a 2012 DUI.  Jones was ordered to begin six months of probation immediately, with conditions of her probation including evaluation and supervision.  Jones was also ordered to pay a $1000 fine, enroll in alcohol highway safety school, her driver’s license was suspended for 12 months, and she was ordered to pay back $5943.07 in restitution.

Jones, who is the former receptionist for City Council President Clarke, entered a non-negotiated guilty plea to DUI on February 13, 2013, after she was arrested in September of 2012 for DUI while driving a city issued car.

ADA Elizabeth Kotchian is specially assigned to this case.  At today’s sentencing ADA Kotchian reminded the Judge about Jones’ careless actions, stating she thinks it shows arrogance to take an illegal drug, consume an amount of alcohol over double the legal limit, and then take the keys to a car you do not have permission to drive when you know your license has been suspended for years.



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