Straw Purchaser Arrested at Gun Show


Philadelphia-The District Attorney’s Office and Attorney General’s Gun Violence Task Force (GVTF) arrested 24-year-old Kurt Kramer of West Chester, Pennsylvania for the straw purchase of two handguns from a gun show held over the weekend at the National Guard Armory on Southampton Road in Northeast Philadelphia.  Kramer is charged with Making a False Written Statement in Conjunction with the Purchase of a Firearm, Conspiracy, Tampering with Public Records, Unsworn Falsification, and Possession of Marijuana.

 Special Agents from the GVTF observed Kramer and two other males enter the gun show and check out various guns at different licensed firearms dealers.  One of the other males filled out the paperwork to purchase a .380 caliber handgun, but was denied. The other male was then overheard asking gun dealers how many guns could be purchased in one day.

 After that, all three males went into the bathroom where GVTF agents overheard Kramer offer to purchase the .380 handgun for the other two men.  All three men walked to Kramer’s car in the parking lot at separate times.  When Kramer got to the car, one of the males passed him a large amount of cash through the car window. 

 Kramer went back in to the gun show, filled out paperwork for a background check and purchased four guns from the same dealer (including the .380 that his friend had tried to purchase earlier).  When Kramer returned to the car, he was immediately stopped by GVTF agents.  They recovered the four guns he had just purchased: a .380 handgun, a 9mm handgun, a .40 caliber handgun, and a .22 caliber H&K handgun-sized rifle.  Agents also recovered a loaded 9mm under the driver’s seat and an AR-15 rifle from elsewhere in the car.  Both guns had been previously purchased by Kramer.  Kramer has a valid Pennsylvania license to carry firearms.

 Kramer later gave a statement to police that he bought the 9mm and .380 for the two males in exchange for money and percocet.  He told the GVTF he bought the other two guns for himself.  A later search warrant of the vehicle revealed 3 ounces of marijuana that belonged to the defendant. 

 Kramer was the only person arrested, but this case is still under investigation.  Kramer was arraigned this afternoon, bail was set at $300,000 and his next court appearance is scheduled for June 18, 2013 in courtroom 806.  ADA Andrew Wellbrock is specially assigned to this case.









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