A Grand Jury Will Investigate Deadly Market Street Collapse


June 10, 2013:  “I want to extend my heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Anne Bryan, Roseline Conteh, Borbor Davis, Kimberly Finnegan, Juanita Harmin and Mary Simpson,” said District Attorney Seth Williams. “The tragic circumstances of last week have robbed the city of six amazing Philadelphians.  Over the past few days we have learned about how Anne, Roseline, Borbor, Kimberly, Juanita and Mary touched so lives on a daily basis and the city is truly a little bit darker today now that they are gone.”

 “I would also like to send my thoughts and prayers to the 13 victims who were able to make it out alive from last Wednesday collapse,” continued the District Attorney. “I know that the battle to truly heal for all of you is just beginning.  And I want to thank the Firefighters and first responders along with residents who just happened to be on the street at the time of the collapse.  You all risked your own lives to make sure that those 13 victims made it out alive. You are truly the example of what is good and right about the city of Philadelphia.”

 “I am also announcing today that I will be convening an Investigating Grand Jury to look into the deadly building collapse.  The scope and depth of the Grand Jury process will allow us to completely and appropriately investigate last Wednesday’s tragedy.  Since the Grand Jury process is secret this office will have no other comment on it.”

 The District Attorney’s Office over the weekend charged 42-year-old Sean Benschop with 6 counts of Involuntary Manslaughter, 13 counts of Recklessly Endangering Another Person (REAP), Causing a Catastrophe and Risking a Catastrophe.  He is currently being held without bail and his next court appearance is scheduled for June 26, 2013 in courtroom 306.


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