District Attorney Seth Williams and Council Kenyatta Johnson Walk to “Take Back the Streets”


July 11, 2013:  The nighttime walks along business corridors and drug corners that District Attorney Seth Williams began when he took office in 2010, will continue this evening.  The District Attorney will be joined by Councilman Kenyatta Johnson and other local leaders in an attempt to personally reach out to communities across the city.

“For the past three summers we have traveled all over the city with our ‘Take Back the Streets’ walks,” says District Attorney Seth Williams.  “The response every single year has been overwhelming supportive and positive, and I’m very appreciative that Councilman Johnson is joining me in my continued efforts to try and address the issue of violence on Philadelphia streets.  I’ve said it many times before, and I think it’s important to say again, now is the time to show all of the criminals out there that we will not stand for the senseless violence and bloodshed anymore.”

“In the aftermath of recent violence in the city it is extremely important that the District Attorney and I look outside the box to build essential communication with all Philadelphia residents,” adds Councilman Johnson. 

“By walking the streets during the hours and months when a lot of violence typically takes place, we can all send a message,” continues Mr. Williams.  “We are not going to let the thugs who are causing the misery have the upper hand.  We are going to take back the streets.  Together we can make a difference in Philadelphia.”      

The District Attorney hopes that by being visible and having honest conversations with community members it will help to empower residents to take the steps that are necessary to make the City a safer place to work and live.






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