Straw Purchasers Held for Court under New Brad Fox Law


July 16, 2013:  William Santore and Mysheer Pryor were held for court today by the Honorable Felice Stack on numerous charges relating to three straw purchases of handguns.  They are both currently in custody awaiting arraignment and trial in the Court of Common Pleas.   They were held for court on three counts each of Providing False Information the purchase of a firearm, Conspiracy, Tampering with Public Records, Unsworn Falsification, Carrying a firearm without a license, and carrying firearms in public in Philadelphia.

 On May 1st, this office announced the arrest of William Santore for straw purchasing two handguns.  That arrest marks the first time in the state an individual was charged under the Brad Fox Law passed late last year.  The Brad Fox Law enacted a 5 year mandatory minimum for any individual who straw purchases more than one gun.  After his arrest, the GVTF learned that Santore had purchased a 3rd handgun a few weeks after the first two. Santore gave a statement to GVTF after his arrest admitting to purchasing all 3 guns for Pryor, not for an unknown individual named “Fat Cat” as he originally stated.  Santore purchased a 9mm handgun, a .40 caliber handgun, and a .45 caliber handgun for Pryor.  The .40 caliber handgun was recovered by 15th District Police during an investigation.  Santore was able to get an unknown individual to return the .45 caliber handgun to his backyard while he was in police custody.

On May 21st, Pryor was arrested for selling marijuana from his home.  While in custody, he gave a statement saying that he had Santore purchase the guns for him because he knew he couldn’t due to his age and because he did not want the guns in his own name.  Pryor could not buy the guns for himself because he is under the age of 21.

ADA Andrew Wellbrock of the GVTF is specially assigned to this case.



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