Northeast Philadelphia Man Convicted of Shooting at Unmarked Police Car


September 16, 2013:  40-year-old Lester Mattox was convicted today of four (4) counts of Aggravated Assault (F1), 6105, and other charges by the Honorable Earl W. Trent, Jr.  In January of 2012, the defendant was walking home after getting into an argument over a parking spot, when he was passed by a car that he thought was just too close to him.  Already irate from the parking spot fiasco, he removed a handgun from his waist and fired at the car, completely missing.  As it turned out, the car was an unmarked police car with four police officers inside.  After his, fortunate, bad aim, the defendant ran into his house, changed his clothes, hid the gun in his ceiling, and tried to flush the remaining bullets in the toilet.  Neighbors pointed out the defendant’s car to the police, from which they found his address less than one block away.  The gun and the bullets were recovered.  The defendant testified he had been in fear of his life when the police car almost hit him.  He was in so much fear that he could not call 911, but, instead, went home, hid his gun/ammo, and changed clothes.  Sentencing is scheduled for October 24, 2013.  ADA Alisa Shver of the Northeast Bureau successfully prosecuted this case.


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