Life in Prison Without the Possibility of Parole


October 1, 2013: Ishmael Palmero was convicted today by a jury of his peers of First Degree Murder, Possession of an Instrument of Crime, Rape, and Sexual Assault.  The Honorable Sandy L.V. Byrd then immediately sentenced him to life in prison without parole for the murder and 17.5-35 years for the sexual assault of an eyewitness.  

On June 2, 2010, Ishmael Palmero entered the home of his ex-girlfriend attempting to get back together with her and settle a dispute they had with one another the night before.  He entered the bedroom to find his ex sleeping in bed with her new boyfriend, Darnell Goode.  Upon seeing this he left the location and retrieved a large stone. He came back into the home and bludgeoned Darnell Goode in the head multiple times causing lacerations and fractures to his skull and bleeding to his brain.  After rendering him unconscious with the blows he continued his assault on Darnell by stabbing him 64 times all over his body.  Following the murder the defendant took the eyewitness, his ex-girlfriend, back to his house where he raped her.  He eventually let her go and she reported to police the murder and sexual assault.  Palmero insisted that he acted in a heat of passion and that he was not “in the right state of mind” after seeing his ex in bed with another man.  The jury rejected the defense.  ADA Gwenn Cujdik successfully prosecuted this case and would like to thank Tech Services Unit for the outstanding work they did. 

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