Personnel Matters


October 4, 2013:  An Assistant District Attorney was arrested today by the Attorney General’s Office.  The attorney, Lynn Nichols, most recently served as an Assistant Chief in the Homicide Unit. 

A private citizen brought information to the District Attorney’s Office indicating that Nichols may have filed a false report with police regarding a personal matter unrelated to her official duties.  To avoid any conflict of interest, the District Attorney’s Office immediately referred the matter to the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office.  The Attorney General’s Office independently determined that criminal charges were appropriate.

The District Attorney’s Office suspended Nichols as a result of the investigation, and she has now resigned.

“Lynn Nichols had a long and successful career in this office,” said District Attorney Seth Williams.  “While it is with both professional and personal sadness that I am making this announcement today, we must maintain the highest standards of conduct in my office, and the legal process must take its course.”

Any further questions on this matter should be directed to Attorney General’s Office.





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