Cory Harley Sentence 15 to 30 Years in Prison


October 8, 2013:  Today, the Honorable Genece Brinkley sentenced 31-year-old Cory Harley to 15 to 30 years in prison for brutally slashing a young woman in South Philadelphia in 2012.  Harley pleaded guilty to Attempted Murder and Robbery charges this morning just before his scheduled trial was about to begin.

On November 11, 2012, Ashley Hackett was walking on South Street when the defendant, who was lurking on the street, saw Ms. Hackett and began to follow her.  Wearing a storm trooper hooded sweatshirt, Harley followed 20 paces behind his victim for several blocks.  Then, wielding a knife with a four (4) inch blade and a “brass knuckle” shaped handle, Harley snuck up behind Ms. Hackett, reached around her body and slashed wildly.  While standing above her, still holding the knife, the defendant grabbed the victim’s purse and ran as she screamed for help. The resulting six (6) inch long cut to Ms. Hackett’s jawline required over 100 stitches, and just missed slicing her throat by millimeters. 

 Though shaken, Ms. Hackett provided police with a solid description of her attacker and neighbors produced surveillance video of the attack.  The South Detective Bureau worked diligently on the case and eventually received an anonymous tip which led detectives to Cory Harley.  ADA Nadine Stevenson successfully prosecuted this case.


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