Woman Charged with Fraudulent Slip and Fall Claim


November 12, 2013:  21 year old Ebony Jordan is now facing Attempted Theft by Deception and Insurance Fraud charges.  Detectives from the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office Insurance Fraud Unit (IFU) began to investigate Ebony Jordan after receiving a referral from Fresh Grocer Supermarkets Risk Management. Jordan alleged that while shopping at the Fresh Grocer on 4001 Walnut Street in Philadelphia, she slipped and fell on a spill caused by a broken bottle. Jordan alleged that she injured her elbow and cut her finger as a result of this fall. Jordan later retained counsel to represent her in a personal injury claim against the supermarket.

 Jordan’s counsel sent a letter to Fresh Grocer indicating that Jordan injured her back, spine and various other body parts when she fell while shopping at their store. Counsel notified Fresh Grocer that they were seeking compensation for over fifty thousand dollars worth of damages. Jordan’s medical records indicated that she sought treatment at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania on the day of the alleged incident. Jordan also made appointments with an additional medical provider as well as a physical therapist who she visited on ten different occasions between May and December of 2011. Jordan accumulated over twenty-four hundred dollars worth of medical bills from these ten therapy appointments.

Surveillance footage from inside the Fresh Grocer shows that on April 24, 2011, Jordan entered the store with a friend and observed a spill on the floor. Jordan initially walked around the store in order to avoid the spill but later walked back to the area and intentionally sat down next to the broken bottle. Her friend is seen laughing at Jordan’s allegedly feigned attempt to fall.

 Jordan was arrested for Attempted Theft by Deception and Insurance Fraud on November 12, 2013. She is next scheduled to appear for a status listing on December 16, 2013 in Philadelphia Municipal Court.

Assistant District Attorney John Doyle and Detective Donald Murtha of the IFU are specially assigned to this case.


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