Football Coach Charged with Sexually Assaulting Four More Victims


December 17, 2013:   The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office has arrested and charged 24-year-old Leon Watson with additional new charges of Rape, Involuntary Deviant Sexual Intercourse (IDSI), and Indecent Assault for sexually assaulting four (4) more victims.  These new charges are in addition to Rape, Involuntary Deviant Sexual Intercourse (IDSI), False Imprisonment, Unlawful Restraint, Endangering the Welfare of a Child (EWOC), Corruption of Minors, Indecent Exposure, Indecent Assault, and Recklessly Endangering Another Person(REAP) charges that he was arrested for in November.

The new charges involve three (3) minor boys who played football for Watson’s neighborhood team, and an intellectually disabled adult male.  The three young boys frequently slept over at Watson’s house and were assaulted in his home.  Watson, who lives on the 2400 block of W. Diamond Street, was arrested in November and was already in custody for sexually assaulting two brothers, ages 8 and 9.  An anonymous tip led authorities to Watson’s home and he was arrested on Sunday, November 10, 2013. 

 Leon Watson was a part-time coach for the Rhawnhurst Raiders football team from August of this year until October.  Watson had also formed his own neighborhood team called the “Little Vicks,” which was comprised of young boys from his neighborhood.  The District Attorney’s Office continues to urge parents involved with the Rhawnhurst Raiders or “Little Vicks” football teams to speak to their children about him because the investigation into Watson is still ongoing. 

 If you have any information on Leon Watson you are urged to call police immediately, at either 9-1-1 or the Special Victim’s Unit at 215-685- 3251.

 The District Attorney’s Office reminds the public that it also has a special phone line and email address for individuals to report sexual abuse to our office.  Contact the DA’s office at 215-686-8019 or via email at  If you or a family member is a victim of sexual abuse, you should contact authorities immediately. 

 Watson was arrested on the new charges late last night and is currently awaiting arraignment.






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