Bail Revoked for Defendant Heard on Prison Tapes


January 9, 2014:  The Honorable Charles Erhlich today revoked the bail of   35 year old Hutchinson Ivey after the defendant tried to get his family members to intimidate a witness.  Ivey was arrested in November, 2012 and charged with Robbery, Conspiracy, VUFA, Simple Assault and other related crimes.  

Prior to today’s bail hearing, the defendant was recorded on prison tapes yelling at his family members for “not taking care” of a witness in his case.  Ivey intended to have his family convince the witness to change her statements to police, something the witness ultimately did do thanks to his coercion from behind prison bars.

 The defendant, who was convicted of Third Degree murder in 2001 and ordered to serve 5 to 10 years in prison, was attempting to get his current 5 (m) million dollar bail reduced when Judge Ehrlich revoked bail.

In open court Judge Ehrlich passionately stated, “This is exactly why we have the Indicting Grand Jury (IGJ). Witnesses are scared and this is exactly why. To hear you (Ivey) telling your family to force the witness to do anything is exactly what the IGJ is intended to protect against. The case is to be decided by 12 people in the jury box not by the street.” ADA Kristen Stretz of the Southwest Bureau is specially assigned to this case.


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