Woman Convicted of Murdering Her Own Mother


February 19, 2014: The Honorable Steven R. Geroff today found 35-year-old Jahina Damon guilty but mentally ill of First Degree Murder, Attempted Murder, and other related charges for the 2007 death of Damon’s mother.

On December 20, 2007, Jahina Damon killed her mother by shooting her, dousing her with gasoline, and then setting her on fire inside a home on the 6000 block of  Cobbs Creek Parkway.  Another woman was badly burned in the resulting house fire, but survived.

The defendant presented an insanity defense at a bench trial before Judge Geroff, and he found the defendant guilty but mentally ill.  Jahina Damon is scheduled to be sentencing on May 13, 2014 in Room 707 at the CJC.  Assistant District Attorney Thomas H. Lipscomb successfully prosecuted this case.








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