Carlos Figueroa-Fagot Sentenced to 17 to 34 Years in Prison


April 4, 2014: Today, the Honorable Judge Alice Dubow sentenced Carlos Figueroa-Fagot to 17 to 34 years incarceration for attempting to kidnap a ten-year-old girl on July 17, 2012.

At approximately 3:50 pm, the girl was walking down the 2400 block of Lee Street in South Philadelphia with her two-year-old brother to buy water ice when Figueroa-Fagot pulled up in his car, exited and picked up the victim and attempted to carry her to his car as her little brother stood frozen screaming. She was able to free herself partially at which point Figueroa-Fagot again picked her up and put his hand over her mouth as she screamed. The victim continued to struggle and was able to break free. She began to run away before realizing her little brother was frozen on the spot. Heroically, she ran back, grabbed her brother and led him also to safety. Figueroa-Fagot jumped back into his car and fled.

The case was solved through the recovery of surveillance tape showing the abduction and fine police work by Police Investigator Edward Lichtenhahn.

A jury convicted the defendant on September 12, 2013 of Attempted Kidnapping, Unlawful Contact with a Minor, Indecent Assault and related offenses. At sentencing, the victim’s mother testified that the girl and her little brother still suffer nightmares and other trauma from the attack.

“This ten-year-old girl showed extraordinary courage in breaking free of her abductor and also running back to save her little brother. This defendant almost got away with every parent’s worst nightmare and Judge Dubow has wisely removed him from our streets for the next several decades,” said ADA Branwen McNabb.

ADA Joe McGlynn tried the case and ADA Branwen McNabb handled the sentencing.


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