Philadelphia Man Sentenced up to 75 Years in Prison for 2004 Christmas Eve Home Invasion Robbery and Rape


May 9, 2014: Today, the Honorable Alice Dubow sentenced Lamar Rayson to 37.5 to 75 years in prison to be served consecutively with a 32 year federal prison sentence the defendant is already serving.

In the early morning hours of Christmas Eve in 2004, a 45 year old woman was in her home on the 6100 block of Torresdale Avenue with her two children, waiting for her boyfriend to come home, when she heard a noise downstairs in her house. When she went to investigate, the defendant and two other men rushed inside behind her boyfriend, brandishing firearms and knocking her to the ground. The defendant forced the victims to lie down on the ground while they ransacked the house for money, jewelry, and other valuables. The men stole jewelry, electronics, telephones, clothing, cash, a purse, credit cards, identification, and even Christmas gifts from underneath the Christmas tree.

While the adults were forced at gun-point to lay on the ground, this defendant forced his way into the bedrooms of her sleeping children. The children awoke to find Rayson pointing a gun at them and demanding they hand over their electronic devices.

As the victim lay helplessly on the ground with a gun to her head, the defendant lifted up her robe and commented on her body. Rayson then directed one of his accomplices to take her into the bedroom. There, she was forced to lay on her bed as she was brutally raped by Rayson and his accomplice. Her boyfriend and children continued to be held at gunpoint by the third accomplice, while they helplessly listened to her screams.

A CODIS DNA hit was not obtained until 2012. The defendant’s DNA was in the system by that point due to numerous crimes that committed in 2005 and 2006. As a result of those crimes, the defendant was arrested and convicted in federal court for eight gun point robberies of Chinese Restaurants, one gunpoint robbery of a 7-11 convenience store, and a gun point carjacking. The defendant was sentenced to 32 years of federal incarceration in 2008.

Rayson’s two unknown accomplices are still being sought by police.

On October 22, 2013, Rayson entered an open (non-negotiated) guilty plea to Rape, Involuntary Deviate Sexual Intercourse, Burglary, four counts of Robbery, Violations of the Uniform Firearms Act and related offenses. The now 29 year old Lamar Rayon’s sentencing was deferred until today, May 9, 2014.

ADAs Branwen McNabb and Ashley Lynam successfully prosecuted this case and praised the Court’s sentence by stating, “With her sentence, Judge Dubow has ensured that no man, woman, or child will ever been victimized or terrorized by this defendant again.”


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