Dianah Gregory Enters Guilty Plea for 2013 Election Day Crime


On May 27, 2014: Today, the Honorable Michael Erdos sentenced 65 year old Dianah Gregory to 15 months of probation for the Election Code Violation of Tampering with a Voting Machine charge. She was also ordered to pay a $5,000 fine, and perform 15 hours of community service.

On election day November 5, 2013, Gregory hand-wrote her name as a write in candidate for Committeemen on both voting machines at the polling place for the 28th Ward 1st Division located at 3100 Lehigh Ave. Gregory’s actions caused a delay in voting for over an hour. Voting could not resume until Officials from the County Board of Elections were able to clean the voting machines.

After a lengthy investigation by the District Attorney’s Special Investigations Unit Dianah Gregory was arrested on November 20, 2014. She entered on open guilty plea to the misdemeanor charge of Tampering with a Voting Machine on May 27, 2014. ADA Peter Berson successfully prosecuted this c


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