Philadelphia DHS Worker Charged with Stealing Close to $18,000 in SEPTA Tokens


October 6, 2014: A joint investigation by the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office Public Corruption Task Force and the Philadelphia Inspector General’s Office has led to the arrest of 30-year-old Shamira Hawkins-Worthey. Hawkins-Worthey, of the 3000 block of N. 9th Street, is now facing 1576 counts of Theft, Forgery and Tampering with Public Records charges. Hawkins-Worthey worked for the City of Philadelphia as a Department of Human Services (DHS) Social Worker Services Manager, and is charged with submitting fraudulent overtime expenses and stealing SEPTA fare tokens from the agency.

Shamira Hawkins-Worthey has been employed by the city since November 20, 2006, and her responsibilities included providing services to her DHS clients. One of the services required that she obtain SEPTA fare tokens for those clients. These tokens are provided to children, parents and family members who must commute to court hearings, medical appointments, visitation and other official events consistent with the Department’s child welfare mission. DHS purchases the tokens at full price from SEPTA, and protocol requires that social workers submit written requests citing the case number of their client, identifying the intended recipient of the tokens, detailing the reason for the request and the amount of tokens being requested.

In September of 2013, a DHS Administrative Supervisor noticed that Hawkins-Worthey had requested and received a total of 300 SEPTA tokens during a two day period–which was an unusually high request. Further investigation revealed that those requests were for cases that were inactive or closed.

The Inspector General’s Office then conducted an audit of SEPTA token requests made by Hawkins-Worthey, and it was discovered that for nine months beginning January in 2013 she submitted 640 requests and received 11,474 tokens totaling $17,784.20. Of those requests, 366 contained supervisor signatures that were confirmed as forgeries. Several forms contained signatures of supervisors who were absent or on leave, and many of the DHS cases that Hawkins-Worthey cited on the request forms were either closed, inactive or did not exist.

During this investigation, Hawkins-Worthey was reassigned to an administrative position within DHS and was instructed by one of her supervisors that she was not permitted to work overtime. Despite this prohibition however, Hawkins-Worthey submitted three Authorization for Overtime Slips. An investigation into these slips revealed that Hawkins-Worthey had forged her supervisors’ signatures on these requests and a review of Hawkins-Worthey’s ID Swipe card for those days revealed that she did not gain entry by using her card nor was she encountered by others who did work those days. A subsequent DHS audit of Hawkins-Worthey’s overtime slips revealed that she had requested overtime for 76 cases between April and October of 2013. Of the 76 cases, 20 cases were determined to have been closed and 8 cases did not exist at all in the database. The fraudulent overtime for that time period amounted to a total of $6,372.34.

Shamira Hawkins-Worthey’s theft and fraud cost the City of Philadelphia’s Department of Human Services a total of $24,156.54.

“I have no words for the actions of this person,” said District Attorney Seth Williams. “Instead of helping some of the most vulnerable people in our city, she chose to use her position with DHS to line her own pockets. It’s sad and very, very wrong. I commend Inspector General Kurland and her office for their excellent work on this case.”

“All City employees have an obligation to be responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars. That obligation is even more sacred when funds were designated to help some of Philadelphia’s residents who are most in need,” said Inspector General Amy L. Kurland. “I would like to thank District Attorney Williams and the Philadelphia Police Department for their assistance in this case. It demonstrates the importance of the close partnerships the Office of the Inspector General has forged with law enforcement agencies, including the District Attorney’s Office. We continue to work side-by-side to safeguard Philadelphia residents’ trust in their government.”

The defendant turned herself into authorities this morning and she is currently being processed by Central Detectives.


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